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Doxycycline is an antibiotic that may deal with numerous bacterial infections. Folks can use oral or injectable varieties.

Typically, medical doctors use doxycycline to deal with lung, nostril, and throat infections. Folks may use doxycycline to deal with zits and rosacea.

Doxycycline might not be acceptable for everybody. It might work together with another medicine and might trigger unintended effects. Medical doctors will use warning when prescribing doxycycline to kids and pregnant girls.

On this article, we take a look at the various makes use of of doxycycline. We additionally talk about the unintended effects and warnings for individuals taking doxycycline.

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A physician might prescribe doxycycline to deal with many bacterial infections, together with lung infections and STIs.

Doxycycline is an antibiotic within the tetracycline class. Medical doctors prescribe doxycycline for numerous bacterial infections similar to:

Folks may take doxycycline within the following conditions:

Many micro organism have developed a resistance to doxycycline. When medical doctors need to prescribe doxycycline, they will take a look at the micro organism to ensure it should reply to the remedy.

If the advantages outweigh the dangers, medical doctors can prescribe doxycycline to kids 8 years previous or youthful who’ve extreme or life threatening infections.

The model title of doxycycline delayed launch tablets is Doryx and Doryx MPC.

Vibramycin is one other model title of doxycycline that’s out there within the following formulations:

  • powder for suspension
  • syrup
  • capsule

Oracea is the model title of the doxycycline product medical doctors use to deal with rosacea lesions in adults.

Doxycycline is on the market in seven totally different formulations. The next desk lists the assorted varieties and their strengths in milligrams (mg), or milligrams per 5 milliliters (mg per 5 ml).

Doxycycline product Type Energy
Vibramycin capsule 100 mg
syrup 50 mg per 5 ml teaspoon
suspension 25 mg per 5 ml teaspoon
Doryx Delayed launch tablets 50 mg and 200 mg
Delayed launch capsules 75 mg and 100 mg
Doryx MPC Delayed launch pill 120 mg
Oracea capsule 40 mg
Acticlate pill 75 mg and 150 mg
Doxycycline for injection powder for answer 100 mg per vial
Doxycycline generic capsules 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg
pill 20 mg, 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg, and 150 mg
Delayed launch pill 50 mg, 75 mg, 150 mg, and 200 mg

Doryx MPC is a delayed launch pill with a particular coating referred to as a modified polymer enteric coat (MPC). This coating is proof against acid and delays the discharge of doxycycline by 15–20 minutes.

Medical doctors will suggest taking doxycycline with a full glass of water to stop it from irritating the esophagus, which is the tube that connects the abdomen and the mouth.

If somebody has irritation of their esophagus, they will take doxycycline with meals or milk. Individuals who take doxycycline with meals or milk might take in much less doxycycline, however this could not considerably affect the outcomes.

Doxycycline has many makes use of and, relying on the indication, the physician will prescribe a unique dose.


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A physician can advise on the proper dosage of doxycycline to present a baby.

If a baby, weighing lower than 45 kilograms (kg), has a extreme or life threatening an infection, the physician will prescribe 2.2 milligrams per kilogram (mg/kg) of the kid’s physique weight each 12 hours. Youngsters weighing greater than 45 kg can obtain an grownup dose.

Youngsters 8 years and older with much less extreme infections and weighing lower than 45 kg will obtain 4.4 mg/kg in two doses on the primary day. For the next days, the physician will prescribe 2.2 mg/kg as a single dose or divided into two doses.

If the kid weighs greater than 45 kg and has a much less severe an infection, the physician can prescribe the grownup dosage.


When treating much less severe infections in adults, medical doctors will prescribe 100 mg of doxycycline twice a day on the primary day, adopted by 100 mg as soon as a day. If the an infection is extreme or life threatening, the physician will prescribe 100 mg twice a day.

Doxycycline might not be acceptable for everybody. Anybody who has beforehand had a severe response to doxycycline or every other tetracycline ought to keep away from doxycycline.

Throughout tooth growth, which happens within the second half of being pregnant, in infancy, and childhood as much as 8 years previous, doxycycline might trigger everlasting tooth discoloration. Enamel might turn out to be a yellow-gray-brown shade.

Medical doctors should consider the dangers and advantages of prescribing doxycycline to younger kids or girls throughout being pregnant.

Some individuals might develop Clostridium difficile diarrhea when taking doxycycline. This intestinal an infection can vary from delicate to deadly.

The next desk lists the doable unintended effects of doxycycline by physique system.

Physique system Aspect impact
Abdomen and intestines lack of urge for food
irritation and soreness of the tongue
problem swallowing
irritation of the digestive tract
irritation of the pancreas
inflammatory lesions on the anus and genitals
Pores and skin solar sensitivity
extreme rashes
Kidneys kidney toxicity
Immune system allergic response
fluid buildup
anaphylactic shock
pericarditis, or irritation of the liner of the center
Blood anemia
low rely of white blood cells or platelets
disruption in immune cell counts
Different hypertension within the cranium

Tetracyclines, the drug class that features doxycycline, might trigger bleeding.

People who find themselves taking medicine that forestall blood from clotting, referred to as anticoagulants, might must take a smaller dose of their anticoagulant.

Medical doctors is not going to prescribe a penicillin antibiotic with doxycycline. Penicillins are antibiotics that kill micro organism, whereas doxycycline stops the expansion of micro organism. When given collectively, doxycycline might block the motion of penicillin.

Some over-the-counter antacids can have an effect on how nicely the physique absorbs doxycycline, together with people who comprise:

Medical doctors might advise individuals taking contraception tablets to make use of a second methodology of contraception whereas taking doxycycline. It’s because the antibiotic can scale back the effectiveness of oral contraceptives.

Different medicine that will work together with doxycycline embody:

  • barbiturates
  • carbamazepine
  • phenytoin

Medical doctors ought to take a full remedy historical past earlier than prescribing doxycycline.

Researchers counsel that therapeutic, quick time period therapies with doxycycline throughout being pregnant are unlikely to trigger start abnormalities, in line with the at present out there information.

Over the past half of being pregnant, medical doctors will prescribe doxycycline rigorously, particularly if the particular person wants long run use or repeated quick time period programs. Some kids, as they develop, might develop yellow-gray-brown enamel discoloration if uncovered to doxycycline.

Doxycycline can discover its approach into breast milk, so breastfeeding whereas taking the drug can expose an toddler to the antibiotic. Researchers are not sure how a lot doxycycline will go to the toddler by way of breast milk.

Medical doctors might prescribe quick programs of doxycycline to a nursing mum or dad. The advantages to the mum or dad should outweigh the doable dangers to the toddler. Researchers are not sure of the impact on infants of prolonged durations of publicity to doxycycline in breast milk.

Medical doctors prescribe doxycycline to deal with severe bacterial infections. Folks additionally use doxycycline to regulate zits and rosacea.

Earlier than taking doxycycline, individuals ought to let their medical doctors know of every other medicines they’re taking. Doxycycline might not be acceptable for everybody, particularly throughout being pregnant. The physician should weigh the advantages of remedy with the doable dangers.

Youngsters 8 years previous and youthful can take doxycycline, however they’re vulnerable to everlasting discoloration of the enamel. Medical doctors will resolve if the drug is secure or if another remedy is extra acceptable.


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