anti-diabetic medicines: NPPA fixes worth caps for 12 anti-diabetic medicines


Drug worth regulator Nationwide Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) on Monday stated it has mounted the ceiling costs for 12 anti-diabetic generic medicines, together with glimepiride tablets, glucose injection and intermediate performing insulin resolution. In a tweet, the drug worth regulator stated, “To make it attainable for each Indian to afford medical remedy in opposition to illnesses like diabetes, NPPA has initiated a profitable step by fixing the ceiling costs of 12 anti-diabetic generic medicines.”

These embrace glimepiride pill of energy 1 mg, with ceiling worth at Rs 3.6 per pill, whereas that for two mg is Rs 5.72 per pill.

The ceiling worth of 1 ml glucose injection of 25 per cent energy has been mounted at 17 paise, whereas that of 1ml of insulin (soluble) injection of energy 40IU/ml is Rs 15.09.

Equally, 1 ml of intermediate performing (NPH) resolution insulin injection of energy 40 IU/ml has a ceiling worth of Rs 15.09, and that of 1 ml of premix insulin 30:70 injection (common NPH) injection of energy 40 IU/ml can be Rs 15.09.

NPPA additional stated the ceiling worth of metformin fast launch pill of energy 500 mg has been mounted at Rs 1.51 per pill, whereas that of 750 mg energy is at Rs 3.05 per pill and 1,000 mg energy at Rs 3.61 per pill.

For metformin management launch pill of energy 1000 mg, the ceiling worth is Rs 3.66 per pill, NPPA stated, including the identical for 750 mg energy is Rs 2.4 per pill and Rs 1.92 per pill for metformin management launch pill of energy 500 mg.


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